Freemason’s Secrets and the Knights Templar!

Freemason’s Secrets – Isn’t it Time you know what they are?

Have you ever wondered what do Freemasons do in their Masonic Rituals?

The Freemasons themselves will not speak to anyone about their Masonic degrees or their secret rituals. Although the Freemasons are the keepers of secrets they are also a group with amnesia. The Masons have been blind to their history since they came out of total secrecy in 1717. Some Freemasons say that they are descended from the medieval stone guilds; the other side says that they are the direct descendants of the Knights Templar! What is the truth?


What is the importance of the Freemason’s handshakes?

Freemasons have different handshakes for their various ranks and degrees. These secret handshakes are coveted Freemasons Secrets. Why are they so secret and why are they needed.

What really happens in the Master Mason degree?

In Freemason’s Secrets: The True Descendants of the Knights Templar, you will discover what secret signs and passwords are most important to not only the Master Mason degree, but also our other degrees such as the Entered Apprentice, the Fellowcraft and the Royal Arch degrees. What do the Freemasons do in their secret arm guarded meetings? We will also tell you everything you always wanted to know about these meetings that other Freemasons won’t tell you!


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For wives, girlfriends, family members and people that just want to know more about the Freemasons, you will learn it in this book!

Are you tired of asking your Mason, what exactly is going on in their meetings and always get a, “I can’t tell you” reply? What many Masons are not aware of is that there are many facets of the Craft that we can discuss openly. You will find these and many more secrets in Freemason’s Secrets: The True Descendants of the Knights Templar. If you really want to know the Secrets of the Freemasons, you will find them in this book.


Freemason’s Secrets:

The True Descendants of the Knights Templar


Here are just some of the secrets that will be uncovered in this ground breaking historical exposé:


You will learn the basics of just who the Freemasons really are


What do the Freemasons do and why do they hold closed meetings?


Brief history of the three main degrees of Freemasonry: Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason


The true significance of the Royal Arch degree


What are their symbols and why are they so important?


Are the Freemason’s rituals truly ancient?


Are the Freemasons Satan worshipers?


What is York Rite Freemasonry and what is the difference compared to the Scottish Rite?


The real importance of the Scottish Rite


Find out how old Freemasonry really is


Who were the medieval stonemasons and how do they really tie in with the Freemasons of today?


Who were the heretics in Freemasonry’s past and what does that have to do with Masonry today?


How do the Freemason’s rituals relate to the Knights Templar?


Are the Freemasons really the Knights Templar?


The Knights Templar: Were they builders, or were they much more?


The Templar’s true connection to the Temple of Solomon


The Knights Templar’s birth, death and resurrection


All this and many more secrets too!


My name is Bernard Kliemann,
I am a Free and Accepted Mason, or as we are better known as: a Freemason. In my new eBook, Freemasons Secrets: The True Descendants of the Knights Templar, you will discover the secrets of the Masons and who we truly are, where we came from and why we hold armed guarded secret meetings that are closed to all outsiders.
This eBook is not written by someone that isn’t a Freemason. This is a book that has been written by a Mason – about the Freemasons!
You need to understand that this isn’t some feel good book about what I think you want to hear, nor is it the nonsense you see on television documentaries. This is not the same old rehashed information that is found all over the web either.
No! That’s not what this book is at all. I give you the cold hearted truth. You will not find this anywhere else! PERIOD!
Untold amounts of research and effort have been poured into this work. I have put my name on this eBook. 
I know you will thoroughly enjoy it!


Bernard Kliemann

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